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Brian "Squirrel" Eiserloh
Zero Lodge (Founder)
ALGDS Founder

Explaining the right-hand rule of 3D cross products to his one-year-old son, Ethan

Ever since he got his hands on an Apple II in '79, Brian has been playing and programming computer games. Twelve years and three programming languages later he discovered some like-minded friends in college, where he (barely) picked up a degree in Physics & Math with an emphasis in Doom Deathmatch. After becoming fluent in C and contributing to a few free internet-based game projects (including two MUDs), he spent a short while as a network admin / tech rat for a handful of Chicago-area educational centers. Heading down to Dallas, TX in February of '97, he joined up with Tom Hall and John Romero at their new startup, Ion Storm.

After finishing up Tom Hall's Epic RPG Anachronox as the Lead Programmer on that project, Squirrel - as he is known to friends, family, and colleagues - came aboard at Ritual Entertainment, where he is currently developing games for PC and consoles (XBox, PS2).

Having also spent ten years teaching or tutoring in various capacities, Squirrel remains a strong advocate of continuing education and mentoring relationships. He can often be found discussing math or programming concepts with anyone interested, and is himself an eternal student.

In his spare time he enjoys: playing and making games (as well as creating endless spreadsheets and analyses thereof), motorcycling, poker, camping, piano / guitar, philosophy, skiing, teaching, music and game theory, and spending time with his impossibly cute son, Ethan.

Squirrel subscribes to the "Zen" philosophy of programming, putting a high premium not only on quality of code but on craftsmanship, engineering, teamwork, and communication.

Favorite games: X-Com, Chrono Trigger, Ultima, Alpha Centauri, Doom, Quake, Military Madness, Metroid, Age of Empires, Street Fighter, Tekken, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Warcraft, Chess, Go, Magic: The Gathering

Shipped titles: Anachronox, Star Trek: Elite Force II, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike for X-Box

Squirrel is also an active member of the IGDA, and currently serves as programming group coordinator and organizational committee member for the Dallas chapter.

Feel free to send email to at

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