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Session 1 (Sunday May 23, 8 hours, 3 participants)
Project: Bustaculated!

Participants: Josh, Squirrel, Tom


Synopsis: At 2:15am somebody said, "hey let's do a game." Ten minutes later we gathered in front of the whiteboard, set an egg timer for 35 minutes (our self-imposed design deadline), and went at it. Half an hour later we emerged with a game idea about sneaking around through mazes with guards who walk regular or random patrols. Maps were simply 24-bit TGAs with special RGB colors representing key information: white for walls (impassible, block line-of-sight); grey for windows (impassible, don't block LOS); red for enemy spawnpoints, blue for enemy patrol paths, green for player spawnpoint, yellow for player goal, etc. Guard vision is represented by cones (overhead view) which are occluded pixel-perfect by white (wall) elements in the map. Thus, the player can hide in shadows cast by the guards' flashlights as they pass over a pillar in front of them. The world is also real-time deformable with pixel accuracy. Entering a guard's cone of vision for more than a split second causes your "bustactulation" meter to peak out and you get caught. Features the game-tweak constant DISBUSTACULATION_PER_SECOND.

Unfinished business: Win/lose conditions mainly. We also failed to fully leverage the fact that we had a pretty cool fully dynamic world with real-time pixel-accurate lighting... would've been nice to be able to plant bombs, destroy walls, open and close doors, etc. Programmer art only.

Postmortem notes

What went right

What went wrong

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