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Session 0 (unknown time and date, 2 participants)
Project: Kobaioh

Participants: Lucas, Squirrel


Synopsis: This is a space-shooter in which the player's ship is always centered near the bottom of the screen, facing up; E,D,S,F control the ship's movement, while the mouse X-axis controls the ship's orientation (visually causing the world to rotate about the player). The player must defeat dozens of Hexoid bases by shooting their vulnerable outer "nodes", causing chain-reactions of damage which expose inner nodes, and so on (similar to the old XWindows game, xkobo). Destroying the heart of a Hexoid base causes a massive chain-reaction which destroys the entire base. Enemies spawned from the hearts of bases encircle the player with moderate A.I. and shoot bullets at him.

Although this game was not technically done as an ALGDS session (since it was done over the course of several evenings, and before the ALGDS was created), it was done in the spirit of the ALGDS and helped inspire the creation of the Zero Lodge. It also became the basis of the engine used in several other subsequent Zero Lodge games.

Unfinished business: Player collision, player death, win/lose conditions, multiple enemy types, advanced A.I., map advancement.

Postmortem and notes to be added soon.

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