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Session 2 (Sunday May 30, 1 day, 6 participants)
Project: Meat My Baby

Participants: Clare, Ken, Lucas, Shawn, Squirrel, Wyeth


Synopsis: Ken walks in and starts telling us this story about some review he read in which the reviewer criticizes a certain game by likening its controls to "guiding a baby through a minefield" (paraphrased). BOOM. Babies in minefields. But wait... you don't control the babies directly -- you have to motivate them by launching loud fireworks to scare them away from dangerous landmines, or by launching pretty sparklers to attract and steer them towards their ultimate destination... a meatgrinder. Thus was born: "Meat" My Baby.

Yeah, we know it's terrible. But oh so funny.

Unfinished business: Lots. Several things worked: babies crawl around and animate, landmines animate, babies take damage and perish, however... the fireworks system never came online in time, so ultimately the game was left remarkably unfinished.

Postmortem notes

What went right

What went wrong

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